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we open up and establish within our city contracts that the companies that do service for us do not own the data that they generate from us, that they will have a contractual obligation to share that with the city so that we can mine that to the rest of the city, that's advance of opportunities for everybody. i know at the heart of sharing this data, there is going to be a lot more jobs created, a lot more people out therein venting new ways to establish small businesses that will improve the way we live and work and play in the city. and we look forward to great events like a super bowl host or something like that, we're going to be able to give people a really rich amount of programs that they could access from here to santa clara to san jose. we can act regionally with our data and we can join and continue to be in the great city of san francisco. so, i want to thank all of the people, all of the different starting up companies here and those that are inventing with us, thank them for celebrating innovation month in such a exemplary way. and i think we're going to have a lot
how movement in the city can help us establish patterns, trends, and other things. and they're going to share that data with us. and i believe that data is going to be value with us as we figure out challenges like the small businesses along west portal or in terra val, along 3rd street who see their vacancies and they ask the mayor, how can you invest in neighborhood strategy work a little better with us to attract people to come and be customers in our neighborhood, coffee shops, restaurants, salons and other things? how can we do that? we've always scratched our head saying, you kind of have to do it yourself. you have to create your ideas yourself. and now we're saying, well, maybe there is data out there that could help establish some best practices, can help maybe quicken the ideas of what might be more attracted to our smaller neighborhoods. well, this is the kind of data out there, analytics, if you will, the analytical model that are being created by our local san francisco companies like motion loft and others, who are using these data yet can share it with the government a
in the city. and we look forward to great events like a super bowl host or something like that, we're going to be able to give people a really rich amount of programs that they could access from here to santa clara to san jose. we can act regionally with our data and we can join and continue to be in the great city of san francisco. so, i want to thank all of the people, all of the different starting up companies here and those that are inventing with us, thank them for celebrating innovation month in such a exemplary way. and i think we're going to have a lot more to announce before this month is out, including on our way to the world series. thank you very much. (applause) >> now, if i may introduce our partner in crime here, board president david chiu who is also going to be complimenting us with all of his efforts at the board. come on up, david. (applause) >> good morning. i am incredibly excited to be here today for a couple of reasons. first of all, the hatchery is one of my favorite places in the city. there is truly a bee hive of activity of the newest innovations that san francisc
. all over the city we have 11 of these cb ds thought the city and 5 entire districts. the latest one i want to thank the board for the district that is raising their own money that can really compliment the downtown moscone. the neighborhoods i enjoy just as much because the neighborhood are constantly working to find ways to improve. i'm glad to see public works that helps get the permits done for those parks that have been here for 26 years and having funny; right? >> and that's at the way it should be. we have fun where we live and it's always a great investment to have the agencies working together with the neighborhoods association and the community benefit districts to improve and constantly change and improve the streets and uses of the streets as we try to support our neighbors. this makes our city great. i want to recognize scott wiener and david is working along broadway and trying to create the newest and freshest districts there. we call it the entertainment district. but getting the businesses up there a little bit better organized so they can welcome the foot traffic and
out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it's important for us to keep on pushing data sets that allow us to deal with the sometimes imperfections in city government. to figure it out, where it is we need to take risks, we are we can be more entrepreneurial, where we can be more transparent and frank little more accountable to all of you as the residents and as our customers here in city government. and this is why i am proud tomorrow to help move forward legislation that my staff has been working closely with jay nath and mayor leon that will real i do three things. first of all, it will create a chief data officer because we need one person who is responsible and accountable for moving forward our open data agenda. secondly, we're going to require every department in the city to have a representative who is responsible for data so you can go to our transit agency, our police department, any of our 50 plus departments and know who can help you get the data that we need. thirdl
if i provided my cell phone to city government, we can let you know if the street cleaning is going to happen tomorrow. we propose this had last year. mayor lee was supportive. we're still waiting for it to happen, idea number one. idea number two, my constituents ask me can you tell us where every single dollar in city government goes? whether it goes to an individual, nonprofit, someone providing goods and services in our city? last year i proposed an open budget application so that we could drill down and know where every single penny of city government is being spent. i want to thank our budget director who is here, our city controller. we are working on this, but we are still months away from getting the data that we need to provide this information to you. my third idea, i want to thank our rec and park department. you're going to be hearing a little bit from the director of that department, phil ginsberg about the new application they have helped us with. i'm very proud of what rec and park is doing. this is something i've been discussing with mr. ginsberg for some months now
first in everything we do. two weeks ago i had the privilege of gil the address. i said our city a strong and because of the create of our people and because of the physics responsibility of the decision we're taking and in attracting new jobs we continue to be that strong city. and whether it's been questions about our business tax reform or believe and infrastructure structure our city is strong because of the way we work hard together and putting people's priorities first. i want to continue that and wish our success in 2013 >> let's turn to the first question. >> thank you, mayor lee. i saw you on our bike during the clean up day and i want to address that. the maintenance mount or transportation agency recently rapidly it's plan on bicycle facilities. it supports everyone, however, i'm hearing growing concerns in district 1 and the citywide for better bicycling and publicity reality. currently we have less than one percent of the budget that is addressed for bicycling. how will i address the san francisco to be the leader in bicycling use >> thank you supervisor mar. i wa
city government the best 21st century city government that we have in the entire world. so, thank you for being here, and it is my pleasure to introduce our mayor's budget director kate howard who in addition to helping to balance multi-billion dollar budgets every year, she will tell you about our plans around our chief data officer. thank you so much for being here. (applause) >> good morning, everyone. i'm kate howard. i'm the mayor's budget director. i'm here to just to talk briefly about the really exciting opportunity that i think is going to be coming up in the city, which is announcement of our new chief data officer. some people may think that the budget office is mostly being countered, but really our office is focused on how do we make government more efficient, how do we make it more effective, and how do we use information to make better decisions. and i think that's why the mayor has asked that the chief data officer sit in my office. so that they have access to financial information as well as a team of people who are already inclined to work on analytical problems. so,
. it is fun to see a lot of the city. thank you. >> hello, and good afternoon. thank you for coming to the industry summit. it is your participation your that makes this work so well. if you look at your program, you will see that our opening speaker is john newlin, president of the entertainment commission. i, however, and not john newlin. i have more hair than john newlin. but i am vice chair of the commission. permit compliance is up. the violence is down. a variety of entertainment is what makes our city great. we will touch on the upcoming party legislation -- party bus legislation and a safe place for our youth to go. after our panel discussion will have some regard groups so we can share ideas and brainstorm. we have a very luminary panel here. right now, i would like to introduce our cheap -- chief of police. [applause] >> good afternoon. i also am not john newlin, and i have less hair than him. [laughter] is a pleasure to be here for the second year. there are fewer people here. that might be because it has been a good year. as audrey suggests i believe that is because of p
is down. a variety of entertainment is what makes our city great. we will touch on the upcoming party legislation -- party bus legislation and a safe place for our youth to go. after our panel discussion will have some regard groups so we can share ideas and brainstorm. we have a very luminary panel here. right now, i would like to introduce our cheap -- chief of police. [applause] >> good afternoon. i also am not john newlin, and i have less hair than him. [laughter] is a pleasure to be here for the second year. there are fewer people here. that might be because it has been a good year. as audrey suggests i believe that is because of partnership is up. we want to be a police department that you are comfortable calling before anything happens with out fear of having us say, no, we are going to shut it down. we want to work with you to make it happen, but it means as safely as possible. certainly, alcohol always played a role as well as the age of the patrons, and on and on. again, please give us a chance to further develop the trust that we have been building over the last several yea
of any major city in the country. i want to thank my colleague scott wiener for helping to showcase the importance of the other nine to five economy. the impact of all that you do has an impact on our job situation and local economy, and to highlight all of the great work that we can do together to ensure that the sectors that you all represent, the sectors that you work for, that you employ people for connaught is one of the greatest sectors in san francisco. i hope we will take the opportunity of the america's cup to showcase our clubs, our restaurants, our nightlife events. as someone who represents the broadaway neighborhood, an area of town that i used to spend a lot of time in when i was in my 20's -- but actually, very few locals take the time to head to the beach on broadway. our neighborhoods are coming together to say that broadway is open to the rest of the world as well as san francisco. i want to put san francisco back on the map when it comes to music. to make sure that we have the type of entertainment that we used to be renowned for. and those of you that work in our
on the market south neighborhoods and i wanted to know first hand the use of bicycles in our cities. the capital improvement program represents all modes of travel in our city. so to look at just san francisco as a whole won't tell the whole story. recently, we applied for bicycles plans with the transportation authority. those 3 projects alone show improvements including millions of dollars in our bicycle network. i understand we applied for another million dollars for our city. those put together total millions of dollars in improvements and alternative the maintenance mount is projecting that their 5 year bicycling plan will increase of about 1 hundred and 18 percent. as you noted we have drafted the bicycle strategy and we know the improvement that are required to make san francisco a major city for bicycling identified in this strategy. lately i annunciated in my city address along are supervisor chiu we'll put together a task force and we'll have a task force that will invite transportation people from our kind state holder groups and our technology group to the table to make important dec
approach is appropriate planning approach for the city to take. we're moving the machines in north beach is really not economically efficient and i think there was a lot of commentary on that that you have seen. the tunnel-boring machinery is just a ruse to use funds to extend the subway beyond its federally -- it's otherwise federally-funded boundaries. the november, 2008 federal document approving this explicitly lists a temporary tunnel for the extraction of the tunnel-boring machines and thus if there are no tunnel-boring machines there will be no tunneling into north beach. however, the city wants to tunnel into northern beach to get a start on the subway that will extend further. this is fine if it would properly plan. i am aware there has been no proper planning on the extension of the subway beyond chinatown, no community meetings on what path it should take and how it would be used. we are starting to build for a future subway without the careful study and approval of what we are going to do. we need a plan before we start digging. so i suggest that somehow we take another l
legislature, san francisco streets, as many of us know, * need to be a safe place for everyone and the city's goals are well known that we're trying to reduce serious pedestrian accidents by 25% by the year 2016 and by 50% by the year 2021. but we have a long way to go and major thoroughfares that drivers treat like expressways, you all know many of those streets from masonic to 19th avenue. but they still pose a major threat to pedestrians every day. and some of the most dangerous streets are those which also serve as state highways. in the richmond district, for example, park presidio boulevard along with 19th avenue and the sunset makeup highway 1 where 11 killings -- 11 pedestrian deaths occurred from 2003 to '07. and along venice avenue as part of highway 101 for more deaths occurred in that period. senate bill 2 19 sponsored by leland yee extends the double fine zones that were established in 2008 to make them permanent. and since the establishment of the double fine zone, deadly accidents have dropped by about 75% along these busy routes. this bill is also supported by the california
the commission at the housing authority, without the board of supervisors, a brand-new city on the hill that delivers on the grand promise and the vision of hope sf. so, special thanks to everyone who has been involved. and i think they've been capably and ably thanked already. i would just say special thanks to my partners at ridge point nonprofit housing corporation up here in bayview hunters point. (applause) >> thank you, larry. my partners at divine and gong incorporated, rick, divine and everyone who participated. to my team, from dan, to lawrence, john stewart, a special shout out to our very own margaret miller who has spent much of the last seven years of her life helping make this dream come true. (applause) >> so, thank you, thank you, and truly happy new year to all. thanks. (applause) >> thank you, jeff. so, this is, again, one of those san francisco moments, right? we don't do things easy and we want to do things that are pushing the envelope. and one of the things that we're pushing the envelope on is trying to look at how we provide for the services for the families. and
've been in a lot of cities and san francisco is one of the most beautiful places i've ever been in my life. i absolutely love it here he every time i go to the park i'm so happy. you can't compare it to anywhere. you guys are spoiled. it's beautiful. by at the end of the day let's keep san francisco beautiful and clean. and let's do this ever day and let's get this win >> come on we can do better than the that. the second-graders from the day school have been working on this chant. are you ready to do this. i going to say this with me. join the team, keep s f clean. i say it join the team, keep s f clean. join the team, keep s f clean. give it up for all the kids. good job. thank you everybody. let's go giants. let's go mustangs have a great game. good afternoon. thank you test, test, test, test, test, test >> well, thank you all for coming. it's great. i just want to highlight the program before we get started. all our partners have helped us develop this project with that my name is a himself i'm head up the be district program. we welcome president chiu welcome. without further adie
. your family to go out and keep this city safe. and it's appreciated. and on days like today when we recognize these officers and deputy chiefs. this is your day. this is your accomplishment. because no one does anything alone. thank you for what you have done to make this day possible for them. and to the ladies and gentlemen on the front rows. what i want to say to you is this. i heard a statistic that in the next five years the patrol will turn over. in five years we will have half a different set of patrol officers. i did say that correctly. half of them will be new. i want to be sure, i saw the captain look at me like it didn't make sense. they will do that on the commission. and what means is that leadership matters more than ever. to whom much is given, much is expected. congratulations today and we look forward to watching your careers as you move forward. thank you. [applause] >> and now i would like to ask the chief of police, gregory suhr to come up and speak. >> if i could ask everyone more time, i think we short changed chanel silas on that national anthem. [applause] sh
.29-7.6, to mandate payments to city employees to offset federal income taxation on health insurance premiums for their same-sex spouses or same-sex domestic partners and to exclude such payments from the computation of compensation under the san francisco employees' retirement system. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, president chiu. and i want to thank my colleague from the budget and finance committee supervisor avalos, supervisor mar for passing this out of committee and sponsoring, co-sponsoring with me along with my other co-sponsor, supervisor wiener and supervisor campos. this legislation mandates an annual reimbursement to city employees to offset federal income taxes on health care insurance premiums paid by the city for the same sex spouse or domestic partners. this legislation supports our lgbt community here in san francisco's -- san francisco and counters what is very much a discriminatory federal tax policy. and it provides a higher level of equality for same-sex spouses and domestic partners who work for the city and county of san francisco. currently city employees with sa
year capital plan as well as our city's reserve and set aside policies. i think two ones of note that i'll just call out. one calling for a hearing on the draft plan due out from the mayor's budget office naming the it up gayedx for emergency personnel and public safety personnel. the technology that we deploy today is woefully inadequate and in dire need of replacement. as this board knows, we just switched from lotus notes it to microsoft office last year. and we have similarly woefully inadequate and long overdue tech upgrades in the public safety departments which affect us all as a community. this hearing is going to focus on solutions and call on our police, fire and sheriff's department to outline their tech needs. san francisco's ultimately right now being built as the innovation capital and i think there is no excuse for our emergency personnel to be stuck back in the '90s. and secondly, having a specific hearing on our department of public health budget shortfall. this year we have an unanticipated budget shortfall in this current fiscal year we're in of $45.9 million and thi
i'm a middle class home ownership is good for our city. we love our neighborhood, we want to raise our families and retire hee. if you -- you will have the support of all t.i.c. owners and it's the right thing to do. thank you. >> chair wiener: thank you very much. next speaker please. >> thank you very much. my name is nancy mcnally, and i'm a native san franciscan. i've been here 63 years. my daughter is a lawyer. she graduated bolt, she has an mba, she went to sarah lawrence. i'm a foster kid. it's kind of a miracle, what my daughter experienced by her hard work. and she was forced to move to oakland a few months ago, because she's been priced out. well, i wanted to give you a little historical information about what it's like to be an aids activist in 2013. what i noticed in '89, and i don't think any of you folks, sitting there, were here in '89 -- oh, you were. okay. i don't know how old you were, but my land lady was a small time realtor named greta from skyline. she owned quite a few properties. she decided what a great idea, i'm going to take advantage of the fact that no
of the most beautiful areas in the city and we hope people come out to that natural areas program, the oak woodlands between stanyan and 6-7th avenue along fulton in the city. i wanted to say that the active sports effort by the recreation and park department is incredible and to have a mobile unit, rock climbing, which i love as well and peter from my staff is a big rock climber as well, but to have youth have more access is wonderful. and kayaking and other things, too. like supervisor avalos, i share the concerns about the source of the funding, but it makes up for a little bit of the obesity-causing problems by the company that is sponsoring this. at least it's making up for allowing some of our youth to have active lifetimes and for our rec and park department to have much more support. so i'm supportive of this accept and expend and thank you to supervisor farrell for sponsoring it. >> thank you, supervisor mar and thank the rec and park department and park alliance and coca-cola. i think it's a great example of fill an philanthropy. is we'll send forward to the board without oppo
mr. st. croix sees himself, obviously, as a situation where everybody else in the city is mostly honest, and i'm the only one who is completely corrupt. well, the trouble is everybody else in city hall sees themselves exactly that same way. let everybody else be honest mr. st. croix sees himself a sleazy corporate executive running the ethics commission. well, it doesn't start there. if there is no ethics at the ethics commission, there is no ethics. it has do with all kinds of disclosure i would like to get, but if he is just going to tell them before the investigation, what is the use? >> any other public comment? is there a motion to adjourn the meeting? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> hearing none, the meeting is adjourned. [ gavel ] >> welcome everyone to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee, regular meeting for wednesday, feb6th, 2013. my name is supervisor mark farrell, i am the chair of this committee and we're joined by supervisor eric mar, the vice-chair and supervisor avalos and joined by board president david
but formalized. the city and county of seven cisco has open space provisions that protect our property far greater than this the restriction that many properties don't have this type of restriction. so the state is going ahead and moving forward requiring that restriction. we are asking that you recommend to the board of supervisors to authorize the director of real estate to file the deed restrictionand folsom. >> supervisor wiener: i do have a question. you may not be able to answer. this is a wonderful project. it's an exciting project. i know that there are issues whether there will be a large fence around the project that will physically separated from the surrounding neighborhood. i wonder it has been any discussion so that you can meet the park security needs without physically separating the neighborhood. maybe you can report to us back later. >>: i am deputy director for park planning. yes there was discussion about the fence that i do not know what the final resolution was but i can get back to you.be large.reduced to be more integrated into the neighborhood. >>: thank you. >>:
important from a policy perspective, that we make a statement here in city hall, here at the board of supervisors, that we are supportive 100% of our domestic violence community. and we want to do everything that we can to make sure that any perceived pitfalls that came out of last year are overcome. i am fully supportive of this, but understand there is amendments. if that is a discussion for the full board, i would support that, but i am supportive of whatever amendments might want to come through today. with that, supervisor mar, do you want to make the amendments very clear to the city attorney's office? >> let me ask mr. rose, and miss newman, if you could understand what i am saying? i'm supportive of the budget analyst's recommendations, but i want to make sure that the family violence and support services are adequate, but to reduce the civil-criminal attorney and district attorney investigator positions from 4 for the tomorrow and investigator from 3 to 2. is there a way you could frame your recommendations, adjusting to those attorney and district attorney investigator p
and underinsured vehicles operating as taxicabs in the city. both of these companies prey on the under employed and fib experienced of the city putting them to work in under insured nonlicensed and under regulated vehicles for the purpose of in town point to point transportation for hire. thea companies also heavily promote heavily to their driver during busy time to tell them no special license or insurance is required and the transportation that they are providing is on a for-hire basis. this makes them taxi companies in practice, definitely not ride sharing, especially when these companies are taking 20% of what the drivers are getting paid. both of these companies are publicly claiming that they are exempt from regulation, that they are providing ride sharing. and the moneys collected are donations. however, they are actively recruiting drivers with claims of making extra money and meeting interesting people just like you do as a cab driver. i've seen many incidents reported on one of their internal driver lounges on facebook reporting accidents, extortion up to threats of vie will betionv.
things that our schools cannot fund, like summer school. i would love for our city, in better revenue years, to have the longest school year and the longest school day, to really model for the rest of california what you can do if you really fund schools. so, that is the third area. hopefully we will kickstart our economy back up again. >> it looks like we are out of time. i want to thank you for joining us today. supervisor kim: thank you. >> we have been talking to supervisor of jane kim. watch for the next episode when we will be back. >> [sound of gavel] good afternoon welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of the tuesday january 29, 2013 of the board of supervisors for the city and county of san francisco home of the superbowl heading san francisco 49ers. madame clerk please call the role. >>> supervisor avalos, avalos present. breed present. supervisor campus poes present. president chiu, chiu present. chu present, supervisor cohen, yes, i'm here. >> cohen present. supervisor farrell. farrell present. kim present. supervisor mar, mar presen
prohibits the height. i want to take a moment to thank the sfmta and other city staff members including the planning department and the city attorney's office who have worked extremely hard in the last couple of months to make this pagota option a reality. i want to thank director reiskin and staff for leading the negotiations and keeping the overall process on track. and take a moment to say that it's a win-win for north beach, for the city and for the community and i have very much hope colleagues that you will be able to help move this forward with recommendation from this committee today to go to the full board tomorrow for approval. with that, mr. guy. >> thank you, supervisor. good afternoon, chairman wiener and members of the committee. my name is kevin guy with planning staff. before is for legislationing to reclassify the site from 40' to 55 height limit and adopt the central subway boring machine tract site sud on the property. the legislation is associated with the central subway's project, but specifically with the development proposal for the property that would demolish
the city's or stakeholders' evaluation of our proposed tbm retrieval plan. that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. we may have questions later. >> good afternoon, president fong and members of the commission. my name is kevin guy with planning staff. i'm here to speak to the development project that is associated and up for consideration today and the entitlement actions and the specifics on those. so, the request before you today is for conditional use authorization to allow development on the lot greater than 5,000 square feet, to allow a nonresidential use greater than 2000 square feet, to allow the demolition of a former movie theater, and to allow restaurant use for the type 47 abc lice license. and then the commission would also make recommendations regarding the proposed reclassification of the site from a 40 foot to a 55 foot height limit and the adoption of a special use district or sud for the site. so, the development project involves the demolition of the existing vacant feeder and the construction of a new five story
are not left in the ground, the director reed it's based on contracts. we believe that the city is not a business, nor should be one competing with profit margins against existing businesses. thank you. >> i have called a number of other names that i don't think have yet stepped up to the podium, but the only card i have is for lori thomas. so if anyone wishes to speak on this item, please step up at this time. miss thomas. >> if i could just ask, if there is anyone who wishes to speak, if they could line up along the side, so we could flow from one speaker to the next, thank you. >> good afternoon, and thank you for listening to all of us. i'm lori thomas, the owner at 532 columbus, which is right on the block before columbus and union. i just wanted to reiterate what i have already told a lot of folks here and director reiskin, which is this is a difficult situation and i think the pagoda palace is the best alternative, as well as i can understand to minimize the disruption in north beach. during the period full time from august to the end of, nor when we had the utility w
, count on the city and a good budget, valerie, count on your attorney, valerie, good luck with your salary. valerie, count on the city and give it to this one, please. some budgets may be larger and some budgets may be small. and remember this one, go ask alice, i think she will know, when budget and proportions are getting small and we're going to fix it up now and you are going to make it all -- go ask alice and we're going to win . i have been done since you will be gone, and i hope don't know what went wrong. say it isn't true and don't it make your budget brown eyes -- and don't it make your budget brown eyes, don't it make your budget brown eyes blue, bring it back to you, please. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> anne lehman, director of policy at the department of status of women. i am less than halftime position and i having there for almost 20 years. i am here to tell you that you get a lot of bang for your buck when you have staff at department. we are a very small staff, but we're a very creative group that has gotten recognition for our novel programs around do
speaker. >> thank you supervisors. i think it's very important we're in control of this city. the mayor wants this city to become one of the strongest cities in this country. however, there are other second degree terrors of the economy we haven't increased our monies here. so therefore we're in control is very important. and housing is needed and that's what i believe the mayor said. on the different subject matter and it doesn't pertain to this audience but pertains to our whole country. our nation is for advocacy and human rights i find it peculiar that so many people are not able to get marijuana and i think it should be legal listed. >> next speaker. >> before i start i'd like the camera to focus on that lady. she's the one that needs the publicity. thank you. i'm douglas and i've lived in san francisco for 719 years >> now that football is over there were 3 people who fumbled the ball. the mayor and the board of supervisors it's the truth let's face that. and in a recent dream the spirit of harvey milk spoke to me and he said he wanted respect given to a dead gay man. he said f
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